Voter Registration in Church

As Americans, we have the unique form of self-government based on Christian
principles proclaimed in our Declaration of Independence and fulfilled by our
Constitution. An easy and effective way to introduce pastors to the Church’s legitimate
role in our God-blessed form of government is through registering church attendees to
vote. Here are the simple steps needed to perform this for your church:

1. Mention to your pastor the need for Christians to vote if a Christian influence is to
be present in our government.
2. Offer to have a table at church to register voters and ask for this to be
3. Call your County Registrar of Voters office and arrange to obtain Voter
Registration forms. For instance, in Orange County up to 49 registration forms
can be mailed to you. More than that requires you to pick them up at the
Registrar of Voters office.
4. Read the instructions on the registration form, which explain the procedures for
filling out the form and how to submit it.
5. Provide on a near-by table the attached Comparison of Democrat and
Republican Party Platforms on Life Issues that people can read before
6. Read the cautions for Vote-By-Mail should you be asked about this option.
7. Offer to promptly mail completed registration forms for registrants. This assures
registration form submittal and avoids its loss or misplacement.
8. Keep track of how many registrations have been made and let your pastor know.
Thank you for this relatively simple but vital ministry of good government. Start now in
the summer months and have your church well prepared to vote in the November 6,
2018 elections.

– Life Priority Network –