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067: The Truth About China, The Truth About Population
Once China fell to Communist control in the 1940’s, a deafening silence was all that could be heard from its people and even its government. Bits and pieces were known of the on-going ‘Cultural Revolution’.  Mao’s decades long, vice-like grip on the lives of millions slowly loosened only to be wrenched from his dying hands by more faceless, less iconic members of the politburo. In the early 1980’s the still VERY Communist China slowly allowed foreigners access to its culture and its people.
Steven Mosher was a young Stanford graduate student and one of the first foreigners allowed direct involvement with the people of rural China. His knowledge of the language allowed him an unprecedented and immediate rapport with these oppressed people.
Today he is recognized for his heroic work in revealing the forced-abortion, one-child policy of Communist China. He has gone on to write many books on both China and the deadly myth of ‘overpopulation’ and the President of the Population Research Institute. He is recognized as a clarion voice for the pro-life movement in the United States and around the world.

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